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Jela's Promise - Fanfic Reading Journal
22nd-May-2007 06:03 pm
adultfanfiction.net • . Sub-Categories .
Adult Groups Repertory
Azkaban's Lair -- Main List
Beyond Canon Search Engine
Blood Phoenix
the bottom!draco emporium
The Bunny Farm - Harry Potter Annex
Chocolate Frog
DETENTION - Harry Potter-Severus Snape slash archive
The Drow's Dark Musings - Recommendations
Dystopia - There is no evidence you were the joyful child we all remember.
ETC __ Archive for Beloved Enemies, After Class, and Canis Major
Eucritta's Journal
FictionAlley.org - FanFic in All Shapes, Sizes & SHIPs!
Forever Fandom __ Because a story is a terrible thing to cage
From Dusk til Dawn - The HP_SS Fuh-Q-Fest_ Wave IV
The Happy Valley Puppy Farm
Harry Potter and Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest story index
Harry Potter fanfiction stories
thetwobroomsticks Files
Harry Potter Slash Fiction
Hogwarts Letters - Fanfiction Index
HP Fandom __ Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met.
hp.pfen.net - Home Page
hp.pfen.net __ A collection of HP fan fiction
HP Rec Sites
The Silver Snitch HP Slash Archive
HP Smut Recs - A Compendium
Ink Stained Fingers - Search page
Ink Stained Fingers Archive_ Search Results
Kardasi Potter and Snape Index
Kiln Fiction
lada_hitam_ H_S WIP N-Z
Light & Dark Hidden In Shadows
Memorable Entries Maeglin
mctabby_ updating Riddlefics links, continued...
n o i r e . s e n s u s _ [SFA _ Gramarye - Harry Potter Fanfiction Archive]
painless_j - Thematic list - Foundersfics
Passo's Fan Fiction Recommendations ... ... ... [ v.01 cotton candy ]
PSA __ fanfiction
The Ptyx's Fics Guide
pxw_ Listing of responses to PxW's challenges
The Rag And Bone Shop                                      
The Rag And Bone Shop
Recommendations by Teland
The Rift_ Other's Writings
Seeker stories in the Potter universe
The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest
Show Me Your Snake_ The Slytherin Fuh-Q Fest
skyehawke dot com __ Stories
The Slash Advent Calendar of 2002
The Slash Advent Calendar of 2003
The Slash Advent Calendar of 2004
SlashedHouses @ The Sorting Hat
SlashedSlytherin House @ The Sorting Hat
Slash Writers' Workshop __ Better Slash through Better Writing
The Super-intelligent Shade of Blue Book __
switchknife __ I slash, therefore I am __ recommendations
Wave 1 Harry Draco Fest Fics
Yahoo! Groups _ DarciesHPfanficion Files Yahoo! Groups _ HPtimetravel_alternatedimensions Links
The Zone_ HP Recs
harry potter fic recs
the HPSA - the Harry Potter Slash Awards
Stories about Harry Potter FicWad fresh-picked original and fan fiction
Harry Potter Mpreg
Mirror_of_Maybe Files
Blessed Church of Snarry

Since I have this journal I might as well post my bookmarks.  Here are some good places to find sites.

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