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Jela's Promise - Fanfic Reading Journal
HP stories 
22nd-May-2007 06:27 pm
Stories from various sites.

After_class Files_Fanfiction_Lariawien_
And Then There Was Harry by Maikafuiniel
The Art of Seduction I_ Technique ~ Orithain & Rina
The Art of Seduction II_ Timing ~ Orithain & Rina
beren_writes_ Gold Tinted Spectacles - Chapter Listing
Dance In The Dark Of Night_ HP_SS Fan Fiotion by Kaatje
The Drow's Dark Musings - Looking through my Father's Eyes
Eros & Sapphos __ The End_ Legend and Reality
Eros & Sapphos __ Pretty Little Drawings
ETC __ Harry Potter and the Foreign Magic
ETC __ Paws In The Night
Fandomination.net Sleeping with the enemy
grey_blue » Midnight Blue » The Mirror of Maybe
Harry Potter and the Child of Love
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Twice in a Lifetime Chapter List
HP FanFic.Net __ Harry Potter and the Power of Time
hxt_lightening Messages _ Message 1184 of 1234 A Single Love
Absolution by Rushlight
Memorable Sirius' Naughty Habit (Rated R) Entries
Memorable The Winding Road [HP] Entries
Memorable An Unconventional Relationship Entries
obsessed1_ Cursed With a Kiss Part Two of Two
PORTKEY.ORG >> The Phoenix Prophecy - Chapter_ 1
RestrictedSection.org - Ten Zillion Points From Gryffindor
The Savior of the Wizarding World
Bringer of Death by PLS
Catch 22 by PLS
Sights from the Third Eye by PLS
meine_liebe [Fic] H o l l o w [Slash, SS x HP]
Gwydion’s Sword by PLS
A Miracle For Christmas by CaliaDragon
Captured by CaliaDragon
How Did I Get Here by CaliaDragon
The Future Is What We Make It by WillJ
Strength Behind an Enemy by CaliaDragon
The Seer by WillJ
Connections by CaliaDragon
The Boy Series by CaliaDragon
The Learning to Live Series by CaliaDragon
Sacrifice by CaliaDragon
Beyond Canon Your One Stop Fan Fiction Archive
A Prayer For The Living by CaliaDragon
In Between Days
Damage Control
To The Moon
The Archive at the End of the Universe Snape The Home Fries Nazi
Blackrose_fiction Message Fic - My Girlfriend Says... - SGA - McShep - No Het
Dark and Light Make Shades of Gray
snape_potter_ Mr. and Mrs. Snape
snapespet_ Fic_ Seven Days - Interlude
Vasaris' Scribblings - FIC -- Ars Magica_ Bellum Umbrae, part the first
Vasaris' Scribblings - FIC_ Ars Magica_ Bellum Umbrae Part II
What do you do with a Professor like Severus_
Whispers • ._ Story _.New Beginning
Harry Potter Rareslash Archive
Accidental Happiness
Binding Covenant
Both Sides Now, by Predatrix
Coils of Gold
The Courtship of Harry Potter
ETC __ Humbug
Favorite Mistake _ Escapist
Get in Touch with Your Inner Snape
Harry Potter slash__Uris
H is for Helga
How Old Are You_
Kate's Fiction
Little Miss Mary
Memorable Damaged Entries
Occasional Table
On Winter's Breath
Possession Chpt XLVIII
Rats' Alley
Rite of Passage
Snape-Gossford Curse
The Thin Red Line
Through a Glass, Darkly
To Hurt, To Heal
Too Wise to Woo Peaceably
The Truest Christmas Wish
Waking In Light by Amanuensis
Will Knot, Want Knot
A Hiding To Nothing
Idyllic Tendencies. Starlight Confessional
snape_potter_ Mr. and Mrs. Snape PART TWO
rinsbane - Fic The Fire Escape
The Attendance of Fallen Angels by Arianrhod 2
moiraithanatoio FIC Not Guilty 1-1 - Harry Potter, HP-LM, PG-13
HarryxLucius Message [FIC] Slytherin Immaculate (NC-17)-- (1-)
Nettle Soup and Gooseberries
Asphodel's Haven Writing Wishing on an Alien Star A Wizard's Will
The Attendance of Fallen Angels by Arianrhod
snape_potter Shame the Devil, remaining parts
Hero Worship - The Raven's Quill
black_shuck_666 Be Mine Valentine
ETC Harry Potter and the Foreign Magic
Angel on the Balcony - The Day Sirius Black Fell into the Phosphorescent Paint
The Best Policy
harry_holidays harry_holidays to ravingraven
sam_storyteller Cartographer's Craft, Ch. 9; PG.
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